MVP Consulting Plus
MVP Consulting Plus

Our success, reputation and rapid growth in the Information Technology field is based on the selection, skill, training, experience and dedication of the professionals placed within a wide range of satisfied clients.

More than 100 employees and contractors are currently serving long-term assignments in challenging and complex environments.

At the heart of our organization is a management team with over eleven decades of experience working in and with government and industry. This has heightened our ability to determine the requirements of our users and to provide the skilled personnel to meet specific needs.

Becoming a part of the MVP Consulting Plus team can be your equation for success... 

  • Sterling reputation - stable and growing
  • The best benefit package in the industry
  • Employer contributes to 401K - LTD paid by employer - tuition reimbursement
  • Outstanding account management/client interface - we listen
  • Certified MWBE - NY state - NYC - NC - IL - as well as Federal Govt
  • The most current data internal systems - CRM/ATS
  • Well managed with great leadership - operationally efficient
  • Seriously great people helping great people achieve great things 
MVP Consulting Plus offers even more benefts...
  • Insurance Benefits

    Health Insurance
    Group Basic Term-Life and Accidental & Dismemberment
    Group Long-Term Disability
    Dental Insurance
    Vision Care
    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Short-Term Disability
    Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Other Benefits

    Tuition Reimbursement
    Professional Development Support
    Employee Referral Bonus Program
    Relocation Assistance
  • Salary Related Benefits

    Paid Time Off
    Bereavement Leave
    401(k) Plan


Consultant Testimonials

  • I have not seen any IT consulting company who had shown the same quality and professionalism as delivered by MVP in and around Capital region.I feel MVP is a very supportive employer and they really take care of us.Archana
  • As a business partner of MVP Consulting Plus for nearly a decade, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the most exceptional, truly dedicated and caring professionals of my career. A true partnership built over years of collaboration, loyalty, respect and appreciation for the great work we do and services we provide TOGETHER. I’m an MVP Consulting Plus partner because they truly care about their partners and the clients we serve. - JoAnn
  • I have been with MVP Consulting since 2009 and have had GREAT support from their ENTIRE TEAM from day one.  In fact in several instances they went ABOVE and BEYOND the terms in my contract to help me.  I don’t know of any other consulting firm that would do that.  They also keep me well informed of any administrative issues or changes in my contract including renewal deadlines.  They also have informed me of any new opportunities when they become available.
    Their great support allows me to concentrate on the work at hand as called for in the contract without having to waste a lot of time on administrative issues.
    I would give the team at MVP Consulting my highest recommendation. - John
  • I've worked for MVP Consulting Plus for the last 5 years covering 4 contracts and love the work.  The greatest PLUS for MVP is the organization’s staff. They are totally concerned to make your working experience the best, always going the extra mile and always looking out for you.  I will always MISS one of their best...Joseph Oliver....The Greatest. - Les
  • Having associated with MVP for over 10 years, I can say that MVP actually follows their stated values. The way I have been treated shows that MVP believes that "Employees Are Our Greatest Strength." Further, I see that there are numerous opportunities for professional growth for myself in the future. - Manoj
  • I love to work with MVP Consulting Plus as an independent consultant. They treat you fairly, always pay the invoices on time, and are reasonable with the contracts. I have not dealt with another company that made consulting such a smooth and pleasant experience. - Mayank
  • I have been working as a MVP consultant for over 2 years. They are very good at acquiring vendor contracts and maintain transparency about the contract renewals. - Sudha
  • I have worked for MVP since 2004, took a short break in between with another vendor but came back to MVP shortly after. I found MVP to be head and shoulders above the rest, they are professional and caring, always paying close attention to their employee and associates’ business & personal needs. I have worked with some of the well-known consultant firms in the Capital District, but none of them in my opinion comes close to the caring, personal and professional attitude of MVP. I suggest you give them a try and see for yourself. - Wayne
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Why MVP for Consultants

We provide the best opportunities and best benefit packages for your career...

  • Experienced recruiters + Trainers
  • 30+ years of IT acquisition
  • Local + National + Worldwide jobs