MVP Consulting Plus
MVP Consulting Plus

MVP Consulting Plus is your most valuable partner...

We adapt to multiple industries and offer an array of solutions and services for each and every client. The reputation we have earned over the last 15 years in the information technology industry, serving hundreds of clients, is the result of many factors.

Primarily, we believe in providing only the best customer service, the latest technology, and placing people first.  Just ask our past and current clients what they think of the challenges we faced and the results we've helped them achieve...

Regardless of your "space" in today's rapidly evolving work place, government or private industry, MVP Consulting Plus is here to serve...

We serve the following key industries, among others:

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  • Criminal justice

    The diverse field of criminal justice requires consistent levels of customer satisfaction. Organizations providing these important societal services need assurance
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  • Financial

    Financial institutions demand the latest and greatest Information Technology systems and security than perhaps any other industry. MVP Consulting Plus
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  • Government

    Governmental agencies are at the epicenter of change, and MVP Consulting Plus is the ultimate resource for the needs of
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  • Health and Human services

    Serving citizens in need and the organizations that provide assistance requires the ability to listen. MVP Consulting Plus has years of
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  • Health Care

    Health Care comprises one sixth of the U.S. economy and as the "baby boomers" continue to age, cost and demands
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  • Key Industries: Higher Education

    Education is the foundation of the future, and information if the Key.  MVP Consulting Plus helps your association unlock the
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  • Manufacturing

    Today’s manufacturers compete on a global scale and must have the ability to respond quickly to any shifts in their
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Client Testimonials

  • MVP Consulting Plus provides us with High Quality and Long Term IT Consultants at very reasonable rates. This is most important to us. MVP Consulting Plus has done a very good job of providing us with outstanding consultants for our largest IT Client. We are very glad that they have partnered with our company. I strongly recommend them for their services. - John Laskey, Vice President - Enterprise Solutions Group, Infinite
  • Over the course of numerous multi-year engagements MVP Consulting Plus has been able to supply us with highly skilled professionals on very short notice. These employees have time and again worked together with our staff to insure the success of each engagement. MVP has supplied us with a full spectrum of IT specialists including project managers, business analysts legacy programmers and analysts, client server programmers and analysts, technical writers, technical specialists, trainers, helpdesk staff,  and server, network and operations support staff. We would highly recommend MVP Consulting Plus for staff augmentation and related service offerings. - Private Sector VP
  • MVP Consulting Plus has been an excellent partner. We have found their employees to be highly skilled and motivated individuals who bring their projects and assignments to a successful conclusion on time and within budget. We would unequivocally recommend them for your engagement. - Public Sector CIO
  • We have found MVP Consulting Plus to be an excellent partner.  Their employees, which are both of high quality and reasonably priced, consistently bring their deliverables in on time and within budget.  Additionally, MVP appears to be a company that is sincerely interested in the well-being of their employees.   We would strongly recommend MVP for your engagement. - Public Sector CIO
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Why MVP for clients

Regardless of the need, MVP has the resources to serve you & your business...  

  • 15 + years in the IT industry
  • Government + Fortune 500's
  • 100 + employees & contractors